Main Section

This section consists of established galleries chosen by an independent selection committee pursuant to review their applications.

Selection Committee
Ana María Battistozzi (art critic and independent curator, Buenos Aires)
Orly Benzacar (director of Ruth Benzacar Galería de Arte and Meridiano President, Buenos Aires)
Ignacio Liprandi (director of Ignacio Liprandi Arte Contemporáneo Buenos Aires)
Eduardo Brandão (director of Vermelho gallery, São Paulo)
Sabine Schmidt (director of PSM, Berlin)

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Special Projects Patio Bullrich

Participation category in the Main Section in which, this year, 15 galleries present a special project with up to three artists, with emphasis on the curatorial. The Main Section Committee itself is responsible for the selection.

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Cabinet AA2000

Cabinet is a specific area within the galleries’ booths in the Main Section of the fair. In Cabinet, one or more works by a single artist are exhibited. The aim of the section is to show emblematic works by modern and contemporary artists. A consulting committee determines the selection.

Consulting Committee
Ana María Battistozzi (art critic and independent curator, Buenos Aires)
José Luis Blondet (Curator of Special Projects at LACMA, Los Angeles)
Luiza Teixeira de Freitas (independent curator, Lisbon)

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For this year’s edition, Dixit intensifies its relation with the present. Its onomatopoetic title rro explores a raw, visceral experience of reality. The exhibition inside La Rural is condensed while a series of actions, interventions, and excursions throughout the city and over a longer time respond to the necessity to ‘touch’ the present with one’s body and entire being. rro is a celebration of the absurd and the imagination as forces of necessary transformation.

Curatorial Team
Sarah Demeuse (writer and independent curator, Brooklyn)
Javier Villa (Curator at Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires)

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U-TURN Project Rooms by Mercedes-Benz

A curator invites galleries to present a specific project featuring up to three artists.

Chris Sharp (writer and independent curator, Mexico City)

See Participating Galleries

Solo Show Zurich

A curator invites Latin American artists and the galleries representing them to take part through individual exhibitions.

Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy (Curator of Contemporary Art for the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Collection, New York and Caracas)

See Participating Galleries

Barrio Joven Chandon

The participants are new, innovative or alternative spaces representing young emerging artists. They are chosen by an independent curatorial team.

Curatorial Team
Raúl Flores (artist and independent project producer, Buenos Aires)
Miguel A. López (Curator in Chief of TEOR/éTica, San José de Costa Rica, and cofounder of Bisagra, Lima)

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Performance Box

Section dedicated to performances with live artists and a video selection presented as part as the Performance Biennial that will be held in May.

Video curator
Rodrigo Alonso (professor and independent curator, Buenos Aires)

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Isla de Ediciones

A team of curators invites independent presses and publishing houses to make available for public sale books and collections on contemporary art. The section has also an exhibition room and its own auditorium, which hosts book and publishing projects presentations and activities related to the editorial scene.

Curatorial Team
Mariano Mayer (poet and independent curator, Madrid)
Gastón Pérsico (artist and graphic designer, Buenos Aires)
Cecilia Szalkowicz (artist and graphic designer, Buenos Aires)



Open Forum

The Open Forum section, which is open to the public free of charge and with an independent entrance, is a venue where leading international figures in the art world come together to enrich debates on contemporary art. In 2017, the Prime Time Open Forum joins the topic of Dixit, with three conversation panels about “the future”.

Prime Time Open Forum Coordinator
Agustín Pérez Rubio (Artistic Director at Malba, Buenos Aires)

See Program

VIP Program HSBC

The VIP Program is organized as an agenda of exclusive activities that take place within the framework of the Fair. Exclusively for people related to the international art scene and local art collectors, the VIP Program includes different activities at the Fair as well as others off-site: breakfasts and brunches held at galleries, receptions in private collections and visits to foundations and a diverse range of cultural institutions. This year HSBC and arteBA will jointly host the First Choice, a closed-door event held at the Fair.


Networking Program

The Networking Program is an exchange and interaction platform destined to the most influential professionals of the Argentine and international art scene. Curators and directors of art institutions from all over the world are invited to get to know the local scene and participate in the programs of the fair.

Acquisition Program for Museums

arteBA Fundación aims to support the artistic scene encouraging the acquisitions of contemporary artworks by the most important local and international museums. The Acquisition Program contributes to enhance the museums’ patrimonies and to value the Argentinian artists’ works.


Matching Funds arteBA-Banco Ciudad

In order to contribute to the heritage of the country’s institutions, three Argentine museums are invited every year to participate in the program. Banco Ciudad grants a fund that each institution must match or surpass with counterpart funds to acquire art pieces at the Fair that will become part of their collection.

Participating Museums:
MAT – Museo de Arte Tigre, Buenos Aires.
Museo de Artes Plásticas Eduardo Sivori, Buenos Aires.
Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes Franklin Rawson, San Juan.


Madero Harbour Acquisitions Program

As part of its ongoing support of contemporary art and with the aim of promoting the incorporation of artworks in Real Estate development, Madero Harbour will once again commit to an important program of acquisitions. Curator and art critic Florencia Battiti will be in charge of the selection of works, exhibited at arteBA, which will form part of the collection and Madero Harbour’s new real estate projects. This is the company’s way of taking the helm with actions that demonstrate its commitment to the country’s cultural patrimony, promoting both commercial and cultural exchange.


La Rural Impulsarte

In a new edition of Impulsarte, a program aimed at fomenting contemporary art, La Rural will acquire works on exhibit at arteBA 2017. The works selected will become part of the company’s art collection. The members of the Selection Committee in charge of the program are Eva Grinstein (curator and art critic, Buenos Aires) and Victoria Verlichak (writer, journalist and art critic, Buenos Aires).


Federal Art Program

A project organized by Argentina’s Cultural Ministry and arteBA Fundación
Proyecto Relieves: The Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación –by way of the Secretaría de Integración Federal y Cooperación Internacional– and arteBA Fundación jointly present the Relieves. Experiencias artísticas en territorio (In Relief. In-Territory Artistic Experiences) program. This program proposes to develop a series of artistic actions at different points throughout the country in dialog with local communities. Its objective is to encourage artists to work with the community and to put contemporary art production strategies to work in developing joint projects that enable communities to reflect on their very nature from the standpoint of art by offering moments of pause in everyday experience.


Vip Lounge arteBA – DELL EMC

DELL EMC’s patronage has enabled arteBA to invite a design/architecture studio to develop the Vip Lounge for every edition of the Fair. This year, architect Isabelle Firmin, from Estudio Didot, will be responsible for this space where collectors, arts professionals and the public converge.

Studio: Didot, Buenos Aires


ana-maria-battistozziAna María Battistozzi

Member of the Selection Committee at Main Section
Member of the Consulting Committee of Cabinet AA2000

Art critic and independent curator. She is has a degree in Arts from the University of Buenos Aires where she did her post-graduate studies in art theory and criticism.
Professor of the Seminary Art Criticism in the career of Art at the University of Palermo and for Curatorial Practices in the Practice Guidance directed at the same university.
Between 2000 and 2006 she was curator at Espacio Casa de la Cultura and directed the festival of contemporary art Estudio Abierto that took place in different areas of the City of Buenos Aires. As art critic for the newspaper Clarín in Buenos Aires, Ñ magazine and contributor to various media of Spain and Latin America, she has dealt with major international art platforms since 1994.

Orly BenzacarOrly Benzacar

Member of the Selection Committee at Main Section

Orly Benzacar was born in Buenos Aires in 1956. She graduate in Biological Sciences, and area in which she worked as a researcher until 1990. Thereafter, she became a co-director of the gallery founded by her mother, Ruth Benzacar, in 1965. In the year 2000, on the sudden death of her mother, she took over as the gallery’s director. Since then, she has strengthened its already strong commitment to argentine contemporary art by participating in international fairs such as Art Basel Miami, Art Basel Basilea, MACO México, ArtBo Bogotá, ARCO Madrid as well as, locally, in arteBA. For ten years (2002-2012), she has held the “Curriculum cero” contest, an important spot for many artists of a new generation, now internationally established. In 2009, Mora Bacal, her daughter, join the gallery renewing and continuing this rich history of female gallerists.
Today, from the new gallery space in Villa Crespo, she is strongly committed with the challenges of celebrating the 50 years of the gallery, assuming the commitment to continue exceeding the limits.

Eduardo BrandãoEduardo Brandão

Member of the Selection Committee at Main Section

He studied photography at Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, CA, USA. From 1991 throught 2004, he worked as photo editor at the magazine department at the biggest circulating daily newspaper in Brazil, Folha de S.Paulo. From 1985 and onwards, Brandão has worked as professor of photography at the Fine Arts Department of the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) in São Paulo.
As an independent curator, Brandão was responsible for the curatorship of the Iconógrafos (1991), at MAM (Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo); Horizonte Reflexivo (1998), Centro Cultural Light, São Paulo; Sob Medida (1999), Espaço Porto Seguro de Fotografia; Imagética (2003), MUMA (Museu Metropolitano de Arte de Curitiba); Histórias de mapas, piratas e tesouros (2010), Itaú Cultural, São Paulo; Marcados Para… – Claudia Andujar, Centro da Cultura Judaica, São Paulo (2011), among others.
Brandão has been the co-owner of Galeria Vermelho, in São Paulo since 2002 and currently holds a chair on the Board of Directors of MAM São Paulo.

Ignacio LiprandiIgnacio Liprandi

Member of the Selection Committee at Main Section

Ignacio Liprandi (Córdoba, 1969) is father of a daughter, he studied Business Administration at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA ) and Master in Political Sociology at Sciences Po.
He lives in Buenos Aires and is an art collector since 1997. He opened his own contemporary art gallery in 2009. Interested in promoting artists on the international circuit he developed a major program of participation in fairs and a dynamic contact with curators of the international scene.

Sabine SchmidtSabine Schmidt

Member of the Selection Committee at Main Section

Sabine Schmidt comes from a family that founded and owned a German metal construction company, named after her grandfather Paul Schmidt: PSM (Paul Schmidt Machineries). After studying Art History and Anthropology in 1993-2000 in Marburg, close to Frankfurt, she worked from 2000 till 2007 in several galleries in Berlin, such as Christian Nagel, Gerhardsen Gerner or Büro Friedrich, as well as the Museum ‘House of World Cultures’. Sabine Schmidt also ran the very successful project space KORRIDOR in her apartment in Berlin, founding her own gallery, PSM, in 2008. The program of the gallery focuses on conceptually and art historically oriented positions, and has both emerging and early career artists. PSM’s artists have been visible at the Venice Biennial, Performa in NY, Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin, Centre Pompidou in Paris, and several national and international institutions and galleries.

Raúl FloresRaúl Flores

Member of the Curatorial Team of Barrio Joven Chandon

Raúl Flores (Córdoba [Argentina] in 1965). He studied at the Provincial School of Fine Arts of Córdoba. In 1997/1998 he was awarded a scholarship to take part in the advanced program for young artists directed by Guillermo Kuitca. He briefly took up photography in the 90s. In 2001 he moved to Barcelona, where he founded, together with Paula Galli, the gallery Doque Arte Contemporáneo. In 2007 he returned to Argentina and published the art review Canecalón, together with Nushi Muntaabsky.
From then on, he became actively involved in teaching, in 2010 creating, alongside Piero Sogno, “Yungas Arte Contemporáneo,” a training and production venue for artists of the younger generations, developing a first section in San Miguel de Tucumán that later was taken up in Mendoza, Corrientes and Córdoba.
As an artist he has had various solo exhibitions in Argentina and abroad, in museums, cultural centers, galleries and international art fairs.

Cecilia SzalkowiczCecilia Szalkowicz

Member of the Curatorial Team of Isla de Ediciones

Cecilia Szalkowicz (Buenos Aires, 1972) is an artist, graphic designer and an amateur dj. A graduate from the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Szalkowicz participated in the Advanced Program for Young Artists directed by Guillermo Kuitca between 2003 and 2005. She was also part of the collective Suscripción.
In 2007 Szalkowicz received the CIFO–Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation Grant (Miami) for her project Copy-Paste: Random Wishes, together with Gastón Pérsico. In 2009 they realized Copy-Paste: AutoZine, second project of the series at the Second Triennial Poli/Gráfica of San Juan: Latin America and the Caribbean. Since 2006, they publish Script with Mariano Mayer, a free periodical distributed in Madrid and Buenos Aires.
Between 2009 and 2011 she taught at the Artists Program at the Torcuato Di Tella University. As an artist she has had various exhibitions in Argentina and abroad. In 2014, Szalkowicz participated in the 12º Cuenca Biennial.

Mariano MayerMariano Mayer

Member of the Curatorial Team of Isla de Ediciones

Mariano Mayer (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1971) is a poet and independent curator. Since 2002 he lives in Madrid. Among his latest projects as curator: Soy un libro que no he escrito ni he leído. Capítulo II (The Goma, Madrid, 2015); Omnidireccional (Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, 2015); Barrio Joven 2015, together with Manuela Moscoso (arteBA, Buenos Aires, 2015); Soy un libroque no he escrito ni he leído. Capítulo I (Mite, Buenos Aires 2014); Fisicismos, project organized together with Manuela Moscoso (Torcuato Di Tella University, Buenos Aires, 2013); June Crespo: Reverso (Have a Window, Torino, Italy, 2013); Visible, Móvil, vidente (Párraga Center, Murcia, Spain, 2012–2013); XXIII Circuitos de Artes Plásticas (Sala de Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid, 2012); Cerrado, no oscuro (Blanca Soto Gallery, Madrid, 2011); Encabalgamientos (Alberto Sendrós Gallery, arteBA 2011, Buenos Aires) or Plano, peso, punto y medida (Torcuato Di Tella, University Buenos Aires, 2011).
Mayer has published the following books, among others: Justus (Diputación de León e Instituto Leonés de Cultura, 2009); CAFÉ (Madrid, 2009); We are ugly but we have the music, with Iván Mezcua (Madrid, 2005) o Fanta (Corregidor, Buenos Aires, 2002). He collaborates with different publications such as NEO2 Magazine and El Estado Mental, and institutions such as CA2M and ARCOmadrid. He was awarded the First International Prize of Poetry Antonio González de Lama 2007 for his book Justus (León, Spain) and the First Prize in Literature, Octubre Foundation 2001 (Buenos Aires, Argentina), for his book Fanta. Mayer has been appointed as Curator of the Artists’ Program 2016, Torcuato Di Tella University. He is now preparing an anthology of texts of the Fluxus Movement (Caja Negra, Buenos Aires) and a book of essays (Consonni, Bilbao, Spain). Since 2007 together with Cecilia Szalkowicz and Gastón Pérsico he is the editor of SCRIPT, a publication on contemporary culture (Madrid – Buenos Aires).

Sofia-HernandezSofía Hernández Chong Cuy

Solo Show Zurich Curator

Curator of contemporary art for the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Collection, New York and Caracas.
Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy organizes exhibitions and artistic events, publishes critics and essays, and teaches courses and seminars. Since 2011, she is the curator of contemporary art for the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Collection, a private non-profit foundation with offices in New York and Caracas. Her recent exhibitions include the 9th Mercosul Biennial | Porto Alegre, “Si el tiempo lo permite” (2013), which took place in Brazil, “Caminar juntos – Mario García Torres” (2016) at the Tamayo Museum in Mexico City, where she served as a director years ago; as well as ” Santuario – Andrea Bowers” and “Hogar- Andrea Aragón”, both currently presented at The Bronx Museum of the Arts in New York. To see documentation of her projects visit

Javier-VillaJavier Villa

Member of the Curatorial Team of Dixit

Javier Villa (Buenos Aires, 1978) has a degree in Arts from the University of Buenos Aires. He participated in Appel Curatorial Programme 2010-2011, Amsterdam. Since 2013 he works as a contemporary art curator at the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art. He is also a member of the Rosa Chancho group of artists since 2005. As an independent curator, he curated several exhibitions in institutions in Argentina and abroad. He taught at the Di Tella University and wrote articles for the newspaper La Nación, magazines Los Inrockuptibles and Otra Parte, among other publications.

Sarah-Demeuse-BaranovaSarah Demeuse

Member of the Curatorial Team of Dixit

Sarah Demeuse (Belgium/US) makes exhibitions and books, translates, writes, and reads about art and beyond. For the last six years, she has mostly worked at Rivet, a curatorial office she founded together with Manuela Moscoso. They focus on longer-term projects in close collaboration with artists, often in formats other than exhibitions. Demeuse was a member of the 9th Mercosul Biennial Porto Alegre curatorial team in 2013 and she has independently worked on a variety of exhibition and mediation projects in Argentina (Agatha Costure), Brasil (32nd Bienal de São Paulo), Mexico (Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil), Spain (Espai Cultural Caja Madrid) and the U.S. (Goethe Institut New York, ISCP, Kiria Koula, P!). As editor, she has realized book projects with Archive Books, Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite, Project Projects and Roma Publications. Demeuse holds an MA in Curatorial Studies from CCS Bard (2010) and has a PhD in Romance Languages and Literatures from UC Berkeley, specializing in art criticism and mass media experimentation in early twentieth-century Spain and Catalonia. Between 2004 and 2008, she taught literature and Spanish culture at Columbia University. She is currently faculty in the Curatorial Practice Program at SVA. Her writings about and around art have appeared in catalogs and publications, such as Art Papers, Art in America, Bulletins of The Serving Library, Frieze, Paper Monument, Red Hook, Witte de With Review. Now is editor and investigator of dos—a site for voices and exhibitions—taking the shape of a podcast series and website that will launch in early 2017.

miguel-lopezMiguel A. López

Member of the Curatorial Team of Barrio Joven Chandon

Miguel A. López (Lima, 1983) is a writer, researcher and curator in chief of TEOR/éTica, San José, Costa Rica. His texts and essays have been published in magazines such as Afterall, E-flux journal, Art Journal, ramona, Manifesta Journal, The Exhibitionist, and the Journal of Visual Culture. Outstanding among his recent exhibitions are Frágiles [Fragile Things:]. Patricia Belli. Obras [Works] 1986-2015 at TEOR/éTica, in San José (2016); Teresa Burga. Estructuras de Aires [Structures of Airs] at MALBA, Buenos Aires (co-curated with Agustín Pérez Rubio, 2015); the section Dios es marica [God Is a Fag], for the 31st Bienal de São Paulo (2014); and Perder la forma humana. Una imagen sísmica de los años 80 en América Latina [Losing Human Form: A Seismic Image of the Latin American ‘80s], in collaboration with the Red Conceptualismos del Sur [Southern Conceptualisms Network], Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid (2012). He is the co-founder of Bisagra, an independent visual arts space opened in Lima functioning since 2014.

Jose-Luis-Blondet-cJosé Luis Blondet

Member of the Consulting Committee of Cabinet AA2000

José Luis Blondet is curator of special projects at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), where he organizes exhibitions and curate performance projects and public programs. In the LACMA he has organized exhibitions as Compass for Surveyors (2013), Various Small Fires (2015) and El mito de lo singular (2015), originated from one cycle of performances by the artist Liz Glynn. As an independent curator, Blondet organized the El rayo que cayó dos veces en el mismo sitio, (2014) in the ruins of a convent in La Antigua, Guatemala (Concepción 41) and more recently the esxhibition [SIC] [SIC] Obras de la colección del CAPC (2016-19) in Bordeaux, France. Today is one of the LACMA curators participating in the initiative of the Getty, Pacific Standard Time: Pacific Standard Time: LA/ LA (Los Angeles/ Latin America), in 2017.
Previously, Blondet worked at the Dia Art Foundation (New York), the Museum of Fine Arts in Caracas and the Central University of Venezuela, where he was professor of the School of Letters.

luiza-teixeira-de-freitasLuiza Teixeira De Freitas

Member of the Consulting Committee of Cabinet AA2000

Luiza Teixeira de Freitas is an independent curator working from Lisbon, involved in a variety of independent projects. Recent exhibitions include: El que camina al lado, Travesía Cuatro (Madrid, 2015); SEM SABER QUANDO VIRÁ O AMANHECER…, Silvia Cintra + BOX4 (Rio de Janeiro, 2015); An Infinite Conversation, Museu Berardo (Lisbon, 2014); Apestraction by Damián Ortega, Freud Museum (London, 2013); In Lines and Realignments, Simon Lee Gallery (London, 2013); The Exact Weight of Lightness, Travesía Cuatro (Madrid, 2012); Like Tears in Rain, Palácio das Artes (Porto, 2010); The Moon is an Arrant Thief, David Roberts Art Foundation (London, 2010).
She is also actively involved with artists’ books and independent publishing projects, as well as being the curator for a number of private collections. Teixeira de Freitas was Development Organiser for Chisenhale Gallery, London (2011-13); worked on special projects for Alexander and Bonin, NY (2006-12) and kurimanzutto (2008-12); was assistant curator for the Marrakech Biennial Works and Places (2009) and collaborated at Tate Modern in the exhibitions of Cildo Meireles and Cy Twombly (2008). She is a trustee at the Chisenhale Gallery in London and a strategic advisor for Delfina Foundation, London.

chris-sharpChris Sharp

Curator at U-TURN Project Rooms by Mercedes-Benz

Chris Sharp (United States, 1974) is a writer and independent curator based in Mexico City, where he and the Mexican artist Martin Soto Climent run the project space Lulu. A selection of recent exhibitions includes Against Nature, co-curated with Edith Jerabkova at the National Gallery of Prague (2016); As if in a foreign country, at Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder, Vienna (2016); A Change of Heart, at Hannah Hoffman gallery, LA; The Secret and Abiding Politics of Stones (2015-2016) at Casa del Lago, Mexico City; The Lulennial: A Slight Gestuary at Lulu, Mexico City, co-curated with Fabiola Iza (2015); The Registry of Promise at La Fondazione Giuliani, Rome, 2014, Le Parc St. Léger, Pougues-les-Eaux, France, 2014, Le Crédac, Ivry, France, 2014, and De Vleeshal, Middelburg, Holland, 2015; The 12th Swiss Sculpture Exhibition in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, entitled Le Mouvement, co-curated with Gianni Jetzer, 2014; and Manners of Matter, Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg, 2014. He is currently preparing exhibitions at kurimanzutto, Mexico City; Pivo, São Paulo, and Le Nouveau Musée National de Monaco. He is a contributing editor of Art Review and Art-Agenda, and his writing has appeared in many magazines, on-line publications and catalogs.

Gastón PersicoGastón Persico

Member of the Curatorial Team of Isla de Ediciones

Gastón Pérsico (Buenos Aires, 1972) is an artist, graphic designer and an amateur dj. He was awarded a scholarship to take part in the Program for Visual Artists Rojas UBA/Kuitca 2003-2005 and he took part of the 2010 Program at the Centro de Investigaciones Artísticas CIA. He was part of the collective Suscripción (1999-2005).
In 2006, he was awarded the Second Prize arteBA-Petrobras for Heavy Mental Records, a project that fuses contemporary philosophy with heavy metal. In 2007, he was awarded the CIFO–Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation Grant (Miami), for the project Copy-Paste: Random Wishes, with Cecilia Szalkowicz. In 2009 they realized Copy-Paste: AutoZine, second project for the series at the Second Triennial Poli/Gráfica of San Juan: Latin America and the Caribbean.
He published Humo [Smoke] in 2011. Since 2006, he publishes together with Cecilia Szalkowicz and Mariano Mayer the free periodical Script.

Agustin Perez RubioAgustín Pérez Rubio

Prime Time Open Forum Coordinator

Pérez Rubio was born in Valencia in 1972. He graduated in Art History at the University of Valencia. He has been curator of more than 120 exhibitions in different museums, art centers, and biennials of Europe mostly, and in Latin America. Between 2002 and 2013, he held the position of Chief Curator and Director at MUSAC, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León. There,  he performed his most important curatorial work, including outstanding exhibitions of Pierre Huyghe, Julie Mehretu, Dora Garcia, Pipiloti Rist, Sejima + Nishizawa / SANAA, Elmgreen and Dragset, Harum Farocki, Dave Muller, Ana Laura Aláez, Ugo Rondinone , Azucena Vietes and Lara Almarcegui, among others. Later, as independent curator, he held individual exhibitions of artists such as Superflex, Sophie Calle, Nestor Sanmiguel Diest, Rosangela Rennó or Carlos Garaicoa, among others.
He has been the Artistic Director of MALBA since May 2014, where he is responsible for the museum’s exhibit, education and research program. Within this framework, he has generated a program with socio-political and feminist content dedicated to Latin American women artists, which have included artists such as Teresa Burga, Annemarie Heinrich, Claudia Andujar, and Alicia Penalba among others. He curated many of the exhibits of that program. In addition, he has worked with Andrea Giunta in the new curatorial script of the MALBA Collection under the title VERBOAMÉRICA, which began to be exhibited in September 2016. More recently he has curated exhibitions of artists such as Jorge Macchi, Yoko Ono (Co-curated with Gunnar Kvaran), Voluspa Jarpa, Carlos Motta, the performative project Experiencia Infinita, and the retrospective of the Canadian art collective entitled “General Idea: Tiempo partido”, co-produced with the Jumex Museum.

The Open Forum section –sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the City Government- is a venue where leading international figures in the art world come together to enrich debates on contemporary art. It is open to the public free of charge and with an independent entrance.

Curatorial Text

Alternatives to the future

Approaches to different ways of thinking and acting in the contemporary scene

It is not easy to think of the future in a way that separates abysmally from a conservative or reactionary statement to itself. For this reason, rather than yearning or wishing it, we have tried to propose a sort of rebuke, to approach it with questions that make us think more directly in the present continuous that we are building. My proposal in response to arteBA’s invitation to organize Prime Time is precisely that: to raise questions by proposing the idea of the future as the key issue.

In this sense, the proposal is to approach the future seeing it as a trigger of thinking about the different aspects of the current reality which is projected as a continuous present encouraging us to stop and observe our surrounding reality. The way to question this issue will be through the form and action, both theoretical and practical, in art and in other disciplines ranging from philosophy to epigenetics, from urbanism / architecture to biology, from politics to writing.

Teamwork was part of the dynamics of collaboration and communication developed at each table, where some of the invited speakers will act as co-directors. Together with the curator and editor Octavio Zaya, the artist Julieta Aranda and the architect Alejandro Zaera-Polo I have organized each of the panels by deepening in specific aspects of their work and backgrounds, enhancing the artistic, scientific and architectural contents in addition to their views and by the selection different participants.
Speaking from our practice, whether artistic, conceptual or of management, implies a strong social and political commitment in the way we structure our positions in respect of the environment. For this reason, I have considered it convenient that each of the tables does not refer to an artistic field of the contemporary art and its institutions, per se, but to such ideas and ways of approaching the art to the institutional mechanisms from a much more open dimension.
The first table deals with the world of ideas and the relationships as a knot from which we place ourselves politically within thought and within the communal forms of relationship. In this way we will inquire about the issues spoken and who have dealt with them in the last years of such future that stalks us, and on the other hand, how the strategies on the notion of the commons appear in both political and artistic processes.
The second table invites us to think as a community and as individuals, how we want our cities, the habitat, and the ways of using that common space. In this sense, architecture and urbanism have a fundamental role in questioning notions and forms that no longer fit our ways of life of another time. The work of the contemporary architect who looks for new tools and thinks about the relationships of people with the context, proposes new approaches that derive from a social position as architect of human sensations and capacities, feelings and affections and new ways of relationships.
The third table looks towards the scene of an impossible future, which is becoming more real given that we are living it and putting it into practice thanks to science and technology. The new developments reflect on the future of our society and our environment determining new ways of creating scientific, aesthetic and thinking tools. A manageable or desirable future where we can decide if we want to live it and the way to do it controlling our bodies and the new media.
All this means that we are trying to deepen the futures that await us since such as Time or History these futures are a cultural notion to which we must be alert in order not to fall into the tabula rasa of globalization that overwhelms and flattens everything. The specifications and sensations of these futures are the way in which to scold and question this notion within the society and our work.
Agustín Pérez Rubio



Wednesday, May 24, 6:30 PM

New ways of thinking and action for a future in philosophy and contemporary art

Octavio Zaya, coordinator (USA-based curator, writer and editor).
Solange Farkas (curator and director of Associação Cultural Videobrasil, São Paulo).
George Yudice (professor of Modern Languages and Literatures and Latin American studies, Miami University).

Thursday, May 25, 6:30 PM

Projecting new contemporary paradigms for an uncertain future

Alejandro Zaera Polo, coordinator (an internationally recognized architect, theorist and thinker of the contemporary architecture, founder of the architecture firm Foreign Office Architects, Madrid / London).
Ciro Najle (architect, researcher, professor of architecture; dean of the School of Architectures and Urban Studies of Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires).
Florencia Rodríguez (architect, editor y critic of architecture. Managing editor and founder of PLOT, Buenos Aires).

Friday, May 26, 6:30 PM

Waking up in the future: stasis / suspended animation

Julieta Aranda, coordinator (conceptual artist, founder of e-flux, Mexico City / Berlin / New York).
Sascha Pohflepp (artist and researcher, its works covers topics ranging from synthetic biology and artificial intelligence to geopolitics and space exploration, Berlin).
Nahum (space artist, composer and multi-instrumentalist, London / Mexico City).


Conversations with Argentine artists present at the main international art events of 2017: Marta Minujín (Documenta 14, Kassel); Fernanda Laguna (Pacific Standard Time LA/LA) and Claudia Fontes (57th Venice Biennale).

Wednesday, May 24, 4:30 PM

A conversation between the artist Marta Minujín and Rodrigo Alonso (professor and independent curator, Buenos Aires); together they will do a review on the artist’s career highlighting her participation with “The Parthenon of books” in Documenta 14, Kassel 2017.

Thursday, May 25, 4:30 PM

A conversation between the artist Fernanda Laguna and Sofía Hernandez Chong Cuy (curator of contemporary art for the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Collection, New York and Caracas); with the participation of José Luis Blondet (curator of Special Projects at LACMA, Los Angeles). Together they will talk about the participation of the artist in the exhibition “A Universal History of Infamy” at LACMA within the Pacific Standard Time LA/LA Program.

Friday, May 26, 4:30 PM

A conversation between Claudia Fontes, artist who will represent Argentina with her work “The horse problem” at the 57th Venice Biennale; and Manuel Quaranta (Graduate and Professor of Philosophy by the Universidad Nacional de Rosario, and Magister in Argentine Literature.).

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