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Posted by | April 27, 2017 | arteBA Fair, arteBA Fair
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Hernán Aguirre García. Sin título, 2016. Enameled ceramics and leather. 27 x 30 x 18 cm. Gallery: Lateral

arteBA Fundación announces a new edition of Barrio Joven Chandon, the Fair’s section dedicated to new, innovative or alternative spaces representing young emerging artists. “This section seeks to stay alert to the changes in the ways of producing and experimenting contemporary art and, in the meantime, it announces the future”, describe the curators, Raúl Flores (artist and independent project producer, Buenos Aires) and Miguel A. López (Curator in Chief of TEOR/éTica, San José de Costa Rica, and cofounder of Bisagra, Lima), that from an extraordinary number of participants, selected 16 art spaces: five from Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, five from different provinces of Argentina and six are international:

Galerías y artistas participantes

ACÉFALA (Buenos Aires) › Juan Sorrentino
BLAU PROJECTS (São Paulo) › Pedro David, Éder Oliveira and Laerte Ramos
BUFEO. AMAZONÍA+ARTE (Lima) › Graciela Arias, Harry Chávez and Brus Rubio
BÚM (La Plata) › Walter Andrade and Franco Mehlhose
EL GRAN VIDRIO (Córdoba) › El Pelele and José Quinteros
EL MIRADOR ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO (Buenos Aires) › Lucía von Sprecher
ESPACIO EL DORADO (Bogotá) › Andrés Matías Pinilla
HILO GALERÍA (Buenos Aires) › Samuel Lasso
IMAGEN GALERÍA (Mendoza) › Alfredo Dufour, Andrés Piña and Mauricio Poblete
LA ARTE (Salta) › Ana Benedetti, Ángeles Rodríguez and Javier Soria Vazquez
LATERAL (Tucumán) › Hernán Aguirre García, Gaspar Núñez and Florencia Sadir
NO LUGAR ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO (Quito) › Pablo Andino, David Cevallos D. and Felipe Escudero
ROSA SANTOS (Valencia) › Andrea Canepa
SINDICATO (Santo Domingo) › Natalia Ortega-Gámez and Mencía Zagarella
SPUTNIK (Buenos Aires) › Sofía Durrieu and Ana Clara Soler
UV (Buenos Aires) › Básica TV

Premio en Obra

This year’s edition of arteBA marks the tenth year of the Premio en Obra program. First proposed by Juan Cambiaso in 2008 and currently run by Joaquín Rodríguez and Abel Guaglianone, this initiative looks to promote creative talent in the Barrio Joven Chandon section by way of a prize awarded by collectors and art enthusiasts. The distinction provides genuine and generous support for young artists’ production and the activities of new, different or alternative spaces as an expression of confidence in the valuable contribution they make to the local art scene.

Espacio Chandon Invited Artist: Eduardo Basualdo

This year, the invited artist for Espacio Chandon is Eduardo Basualdo. The Freelancer installation touches once again on the artist’s reflections regarding certain patterns that run throughout the society we live in and different ways of making unseen limits evident in order to surpass them.

About Barrio Joven Chandon

The participants are new, innovative or alternative spaces representing young emerging artists.

Sobre Raúl Flores

Raúl FloresRaúl Flores (Córdoba [Argentina] in 1965). He studied at the Provincial School of Fine Arts of Córdoba. In 1997/1998 he was awarded a scholarship to take part in the advanced program for young artists directed by Guillermo Kuitca. He briefly took up photography in the 90s. In 2001 he moved to Barcelona, where he founded, together with Paula Galli, the gallery Doque Arte Contemporáneo. In 2007 he returned to Argentina and published the art review Canecalón, together with Nushi Muntaabsky.
From then on, he became actively involved in teaching, in 2010 creating, alongside Piero Sogno, “Yungas Arte Contemporáneo,” a training and production venue for artists of the younger generations, developing a first section in San Miguel de Tucumán that later was taken up in Mendoza, Corrientes and Córdoba.
As an artist he has had various solo exhibitions in Argentina and abroad, in museums, cultural centers, galleries and international art fairs.

About Miguel A. López

miguel-lopezMiguel A. López (Lima, 1983) is a writer, researcher and curator in chief of TEOR/éTica, San José, Costa Rica. His texts and essays have been published in magazines such as Afterall, E-flux journal, Art Journal, ramona, Manifesta Journal, The Exhibitionist, and the Journal of Visual Culture. Outstanding among his recent exhibitions are Frágiles [Fragile Things:]. Patricia Belli. Obras [Works] 1986-2015 at TEOR/éTica, in San José (2016); Teresa Burga. Estructuras de Aires [Structures of Airs] at MALBA, Buenos Aires (co-curated with Agustín Pérez Rubio, 2015); the section Dios es marica [God Is a Fag], for the 31st Bienal de São Paulo (2014); and Perder la forma humana. Una imagen sísmica de los años 80 en América Latina [Losing Human Form: A Seismic Image of the Latin American ‘80s], in collaboration with the Red Conceptualismos del Sur [Southern Conceptualisms Network], Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid (2012). He is the co-founder of Bisagra, an independent visual arts space opened in Lima functioning since 2014.

About Chandon

A pioneering spirit led to the decision by Moët & Chandon to found its first subsidiary outside of France in Mendoza in 1960. That year saw the launch of Chandon, the brand that has remained leader among sparkling wines in Argentina for over 50 years. Thirty years ago, Chandon was also a pioneer in developing a new form of patronage in Argentina, by promoting and disseminating art through editions of the Bienal Chandon and Cultural Chandon events, which focused attention on a great number of artists who are now widely recognized figures. Chandon continues to accompany art today by way of its classic presence in arteBA and the Barrio Joven Chandon. The brand has always been committed to contemporary art and it has accompanied arteBA since the very beginning; a different proposal is made for each new edition, contributing toward the Fair’s continuing role as the country’s most important art event.