Gallery Weekend Buenos Aires (GWBA) is a new initiative of the arteBA Foundation and Meridiano, the Argentine Chamber of Art Galleries, in collaboration with the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

GWBA is an artistic and urban experience. It will offer a special program of exhibitions in more than 40 art galleries, visits to artists’ studios, performances, and art talks. It is a crucial event format in the agenda of the world’s major cultural capitals, among them, Mexico City, Berlin, Paris, and Madrid.

Discover the topicality of contemporary art and modern art treasures on three circuits designed to accompany Art Basel Cities Week and enjoy the offerings of Buenos Aires galleries.

GWBA will provide circuit transfers, along with expert guides to lead viewers on tours recommended by leading figures on the local art scene.


Friday the 7th, 5 to 8 PM: Recoleta – Retiro

Saturday the 8th, 12 to 8 PM: Palermo – Villa Crespo – Chacarita

Sunday the 9th, 12 to 8 PM: La Boca – San Telmo

*Calendar of events + Gallery Weekend Buenos Aires tours downloading the Zibilia application.

ARTEBA FOUNDATION is a not for profit non-governmental organization founded in 1991, which works to develop and strengthen the local art market and the international promotion of Argentine art production. Throughout its existence it has set up various programs and activities, in order to: expand the local market; position Argentine art in the world; build bridges with the international community; convey the cultural richness of Buenos Aires; and broaden the public for contemporary art.

Since its inception, the arteBA Foundation has organized the arteBA Contemporary Art Fair, an international encounter which reunites Buenos Aires with the main players in the world art market. With its history of 27 editions, it is one of the leading fairs in the region, the longest-lasting fair of its kind in Latin America, and the third most visited one in the world.

MERIDIANO is the Argentine Chamber of Contemporary Art Galleries, created in 2016 to promote Argentine art in the world. The galleries that make up Meridiano are: Acéfala I Aldo de Sousa I Alejandro Faggioni I Atocha I Barro I Búm I Calvaresi I Cecilia Caballero I Cosmocosa I Del Infinito I Diego Obligado I El Gran Vidrio I Estudio G I Espacio Pla I Gabelich I Gachi Prieto I Granada I HACHE I Henrique Faria I Hilo I Isla Flotante I Jorge Mara – La Ruche I Maman I MCMC I MARIACASADO I Miranda Bosch I Mite I Nora Fisch I Otto I Pabellón 4 I Pasto I Piedras I Quadro I Quimera I Roldan I Rolf I Revolver I Rubbers I Ruth Benzacar I Ruby | SELVANEGRA I Zmud I The White Lodge I UV I Van Riel I Vasari I Walden.