About the Magazine

arteBA Foundation presents a new project with which, in the framework of the celebration of our 25th anniversary, we have decided to broaden its contribution to advocating and increasing the visibility of contemporary art from Argentina. The project consists of a periodical to be published twice a year (in May and November) that will encompass a large portion of what has happened in Argentine art over the course of the previous six months.

The course of the publication, beginning with its cover and encompassing the first half of its pages, consists of a visual exploration of the shows held at commercial galleries during the previous six months. The second half contains wall texts, list of artworks, and other information about each show; a summary of what has taken place at non-commercial institutions and organizations; the most important contributions of Argentine artists to foreign institutions during the period; and a map of recommended readings that expands the theoretical and bibliographical frame of reference for the edition. Each issue closes with a special section that provides a reflexive vision of contemporary art in the global context.

The magazine has an editorial board that, for two issues, will curate its editorial section. For the inaugural year, the members of the editorial board for #01 and #02 were Inés Katzenstein, Rafael Cippolini and Santiago García Navarro and Dorota Biczel, Andrea Giunta and Santiago Vargas will be in charge of #03 and #04.

It is our hope that arteBA Revista will prove a stimulating record that, with the passage of time, will become a reference document of Argentine contemporary art of its time.