Batato Barea (Junín, 1961–Buenos Aires, 1991) is a mythical performance artist and actor; his  aesthetic vision was crucial to shaping the Buenos Aires sensibility of the eighties, the period of
transition to democracy. His trajectory and the sociability in which he participated are central to local cultural practices both past and present. Barea will be an overriding presence in this edition
of the fair. Cosmocosa gallery will dedicate a Cabinet to him in the hope that viewers can delve into his universe—a world where Café Einstein, the Parakultural, Cemento, the Centro Cultural Rojas, and the Centro Cultural Recoleta, all key venues in the eighties, converge to convey a specific moment in the country’s history and cultural scene. The opening of his stunning archive not only provided access to his performances and graphic work (drawings, collages, posters,
flyers, and photo-novels), but also to Barea as seen by great photographers like Alejandro
Kuropatwa, Marcos Zimmermann, and Carolina Droeven; its contents shed light on his ties to
artists clustered around Rojas and the countercultural press of the period. The book Batato.
Historietas obvias y otros numeritos, araca, cala y jaca, published by Cosmocosa and Milena
Caserola press, will be presented at Isla de Ediciones-Fundación Proa’s auditorium. With an
edition of five hundred numbered copies, this is the first publication to bring the seven issues of
Batato’s magazine together in a single volume. Finally, arteBA’s magazine includes a long
article on the figure of Barea, his legacy and restored influence.