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Information + Curatorial Text

Section dedicated to performances with live artists and a video selection presented as part as the Performance Biennial that will be held in May.


2017 Video Curator

Rodrigo Alonso (professor and independent curator, Buenos Aires).

The Performance Biennial was created in 2015 with the aim of celebrating this artistic practice as fascinating as it is difficult to catalog. Performance art, art of action or living art escapes hard or simplifying definitions. To approach the essence of its nature, it can be thought of as an interdisciplinary, organic – and therefore in permanent mutation -, liminal, expanded and eccentric expression in which the artist’s body presents itself revealing all its poetic and revolutionary potential.
In Argentina and in the world it reached highest levels of popularity in the 60s and 70s, reemerging in the 90s. Its omnipresence in galleries, museums, venues and festivals around the world during the last ten years was the trigger to envision the first edition of the Biennial. The result of that experience surpassed all initial expectations: over 43 days and in 19 spaces of the cities of Buenos Aires, San Juan and Mar del Plata, more than 100 national and international artists, and a score of institutions and their curators presented 25 projects. And more than 220 thousand participants enjoyed this event.
As a reflection of the plurality and mainstreaming of its practice, the Performance Biennial is associated and dialogues with various institutions – both public and private – such as museums, cultural centers, universities and art spaces of different cities. In this way, its purpose is to draw a topography with various focuses of attention from which the experience is invigorated and democratized.
The second edition of the Performance Biennial will be held from May 13 through June 7, 2017. This year arteBA Fundación joins our effort by offering us an unparalleled space to amplify the echoes of our activity.
One of the most unusual characteristics of the performance is its ability to adapt to the most complex and unconventional environments. Given its ambiguous institutional adequacy, it can be seen in museums, galleries, public spaces, events or it may be mixed with the real life itself. This flexibility has allowed the performance to question itself and to appear also in a virtual, unplanned or delayed way.
The Performance Box is a space designed for the expression of this practice in different ways. It will show live performances, records of actions and pieces created to be exclusively viewed on video. Among the latter, there are fundamental works of its history and its present day made by prominent authors from Argentina, Latin America and the rest of the world. Thus, Performance Box will be an environment not only for the meeting with live art, but also, for the enjoyment of productions which expand it in time and space by contributing conceptual density, history and context.
To accomplish this action, we count on the precious contribution of Arte x Arte – Fundación Luz y Alfonso Castillo, a cultural institution which has decided together with arteBA Fundación to join our desire to explore, interrogate and strengthen this unique artistic expression of our time.
Rodrigo Alonso


La mesa
Shows: Tuesday 23 at 5 PM;
Thursday 25 at 8 PM and Saturday 27 at 4 PM.

Alicia Mihai Gazcue
Para ser preciso, 1979-2016
Shows: Tuesday 23 at 8 and 8.45 PM; Wednesday 24 at 5.30 and 5.45 PM;
Thursday 25 at 5.30 and 5.45 PM;
Friday 26 at 8 and 8.15 PM;
and Saturday 27 at 8 and 8.15 PM.

Hernán Marina
La Bohème
Shows: Tuesday 23 at 8.15 PM;
Wednesday 24 at 8 PM; Friday 26 at 5.30 PM; and Saturday 27 at 6 PM.


Marta Minujín
Pago de la deuda externa griega a Alemania con olivas, 2017
5 min
Courtesy of the artist

Alejandro Kuropatwa
Himno Nacional Argentino, 1988
4 min 30 s
Performers: Divina Gloria, Peter Pirello
Courtesy of the Kuropatwa family and Vasari gallery

Carlos Martiel
Espíritus acuartelados, 2012
2 min 15 s
Courtesy of the artist and Steve Turner gallery

Yoshua Okón
Coyotería, 2003
17 min
Courtesy of the artist and Mor Charpentier gallery

Marina Abramović
Art Must Be Beautiful, Artist Must Be Beautiful, 1975
23 min
Courtesy of the artist

Dennis Oppenheim
Leafed Hand, 1973
3 min 45 s
Courtesy of Dennis Oppenheim Estate