Gonzalo Beccar Varela
In 2017 he was chosen to take part in the Proyecto Yungas Edición Tigre, directed by Raúl Flores. He is currently working as General Coordinator at Maria Casado Home Gallery.  For two years he took part in Cosmos, a clinic/workshop led by Daniel Joglar and Bruno Gruppalli, and in workshops with Karina Peisajovich and Matías Duville, among others. He has mounted many group exhibitions, the most notable of which are “Yungas presenta Astillero,” curated by Raúl Flores. “Vivero” [Plant Nursery, or Breeding Ground] in Casa de la paz, curated by Carolina Rodriguez Escobar, “Estudio Abierto – Locro” [Open Studio – Corn Stew] at La Verdi, and “Friends, Friends,” Casa Suiza, in La Boca. “Línea Directa” at the Centro Cultural Matienzo (CCM), “Pedido de fecha concedido” [Request for a Calendar Date Granted] at meridión Galería AC.