This grouping of works by Andrés Brück and Jorge Lezama explores language and its capricious ways of circulating, the moment in which the written text is freed from its instrumental function of daily signifiers, and becomes solely image. There is amusement in alluding to writing: at moments it seems to be decipherable though not interpretable in our everyday sense of the term. An improper restitution of vagueness in its calligraphic aspiration. A sketch of missives, extreme and sovereign letters, juxtaposed inscriptions, distinct levels between which are filtered elusive symbols which we don’t quite manage to make out — or do we?


Experiencia Cromática [Chromatic Experience/Experiment] is a series of interventions on glass in contemporary architectural spaces, in which Ale Giorgga seeks to emphasize the medium of the typographic poster or sign in its chromatic aspect. Giorgga sets out to create color patterns, awakening a discourse in the passersby’s imaginary through the word that is not present, but that refers to and generates infinite stimuli.