Manuel Espinosa
In 1945 he belonged to the founding group of the Asociación Arte Concreto-Invención. In December 1951, Espinosa set out for Europe, to meet the great masters of concrete art, and he returned in 1952, having developed relations with: Piero Dorazio in Italy and Max Bill, Vantongerloo in Paris and Vondemberge-Gildewart in Holland. He took part in major international shows in: Paris (1973), Mexico (1975), New York (1977-1979), Madrid (1977), São Paulo (1977-1978), Miami (1978), Uruguay (1979), Tokyo (1980), Canada (1980), Rome and Genoa (1987-1988), Great Britain (1994), New York (2001), Rome (2002), Bergamo (2002), Austin, (2002) and Miami (2004). And in the leading museums of Argentina. Since 1960 he has been a recipient of major prizes.