A group of collectors, art dealers and art lovers convened on Tuesday, March 3 at the headquarters of Americas Society / Council of the Americas in Manhattan, New York City, to take in a conversation between the Argentine artists Liliana Porter and Alejandra Sebeer, moderated by Gabriela Rangel, Director of Visual Arts and Curator of Americas Society. 


arteBA set out for New York with the aim of strengthening ties with the international community, to continue to foster contemporary Argentine art making in the world, and attracting the interest and commitment of new viewers to the art of our region.

Alec Oxenford, presidentof arteBA Foundation, made an opening speech at this event. ¨We are trying to spread knowledge of the work of the arteBA Foundation within the international art scene, so that galleries and collectors abroad will stay interested in visiting and taking part in the fair, and keep spreading the work of Argentine artists around the world.”

In a relaxed dialogue before an attentive audience of 70 guests, artists Liliana Porter and Alejandra Sebeer spoke of their beginning in art, the differences and similarities between the art scenes of Argentina and the United States, and of how to be an Argentine living in the Big Apple: “The Americans have 15 big galleries and depend on them. We also have places like Caracas or Mexico, where we rouse interest in showing. After that, we rouse more interest in New York precisely for having shown there. ”


The event was followed by a celebratory cocktail party in a private residence. Taking advantage of the visitof various members of the arteBA board of directors in New York, among them Alec Oxenford, Alejandro Corres, Ariel Sigal and Maia Güemes, meetings were arranged with directors of museums and cultural institutions, and special visits to museums, galleries, and art fairs on the week’s calendar in the city.

As a part of the actions arteBA has planned outside Argentina, we should mention the 2003 exhibition mounted in New York: “Entre el silencio y la violencia” [Between Silence and Violence], which, as curated by Mercedes Casanegra, assembled representative works of contemporary Argentine art in Sotheby’s in New York. The Foundation plans to continue holding its special activities abroad as part of its mission.

You can download the pictures in high resolution on FLICKR.