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In the last few years, arteBA Foundation has widened its field of action in spreading and promoting Argentinean art and has opened a new road for its international projection through those proposals coming from different countries –the USA and Spain being the first.

In its will to further its compromise with the contemporary local production, arteBA Foundation coordinates and supports the presence of works coming from Argentinean art galleries at ARCO 2005, the prestigious art fair which annually gathers in Madrid the most outstanding private and institutional collectors, critics, curators and all those interested in contemporary art.

The Argentinean art galleries to be present at ARCO 05 are : Del Infinito Arte, Jorge Mara-La Ruche, Ruth Benzacar, and Zavaleta Lab.

Del Infinito Arte will exhibit works by Carolina Antoniadis, Natalia Cachiarelli, Matilde Marín, Martín Reyna, Silvia Rivas and Carlos Trilnick.

Jorge Mara- La Ruche will display a selection of César Paternosto’s works –an Argentine artist now living in Spain– as well as art pieces by Roberto Elía, Eduardo Stupía, Carlos Arnaiz and Kirin. Some historical informalista works by Alberto Greco, Kasuya Sakai and Mario Pucciarelli will also be included.

Ruth Benzacar will be present again in this Madrid fair with art pieces by Roberto Aizenberg, Diego Bruno, Andrés Compagnucci, Leandro Erlich, Sebastián Gordin, Miguel Harte, Marcos López, Jorge Macchi, Liliana Porter, Pablo Reinoso, Res, Miguel Rothschild, Pablo Siquier and Roman Vitali.

Zavaleta Lab will be represented in the section Nuevos Territorios, previously known as Cutting Edge, where experimental and emerging art proposals will be shown, with a selection of art pieces by Leo Battistelli, Diego Gravinese, Deborah Pruden, Julián Trigo, and Nahuel Vecino.

arteBA has also produced, in association with Mapa de las Artes, a special edition which maps out museums, art galleries and other visual arts proposals in Buenos Aires city. This will be presented during the course of ARCO 05 in Madrid.