Rogelio Polesello (Buenos Aires, 1939-2014) is considered one of the great talents in modern and contemporary art not just of Argentina, but of all Latin America. In 1958 he graduated as a teacher of printmaking, drawing and illustration from the Prilidiano Pueyrredón School of Visual Arts, Argentina. That same year he began to work in graphic design at a international advertising agency with an office in Buenos Aires. When he finished his studies, he had no doubt that he leaned toward painting; the currents of geometrical abstraction and geometric-optical marked his early efforts. In a career that spanned nearly sixty years, he explored other techniques, such as printmaking and making small and large format acrylic objects, with which he managed to create optical effects that distort the image. Similarly, the works linked to advertising design led him to take part in experiences that transcend the world of sculpture and plastic form, and include interdisciplinary works related to architecture, environmental design, textile design, and body painting.