Sofía Durrieu (1980, Buenos Aires, Argentina) lives and works between Buenos Aires and Basel, Switzerland. She explores the tensions and forces of rupture mediating between objects and various dispositions and human attitudes, with the aim of pushing perception beyond its normal conditions and the efficiency which one usually requires of it. She works not merely with material structures but also with behavior that includes habits, gestures and discourses which, at times, grow invisible, in being automatic. Her works and performances, always mutually entwined, call for the viewer’s active participation. They need to be turned on through contact, through activation and tools like the body, intuition and emotions. In 2017 she was chosen for the Vermont Studio Center residency. She has also won a Creator’s Grant from the Fondo Nacional de las Artes, a grant from the Oxenford Collection, and jurors’ honorable mention for the Fundación Klemm prize. Beginning in September 2018 she will be working toward an MFA at the Institut Kunst HGK, directed by Chus Martínez, in Basel, Switzerland.