Paula Noé Murphy was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and studied at the Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris and the EAC Institute, Paris (MBA in Cultural Engineering and the Art Market). For 30 years she has created exhibitions in cultural institutions and galleries in Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Paris, Luxembourg, Brussels and other cities in Europe. She has published poems, and her drawings have illustrated books by other poets. She has also taught and organized shows of children’s art. She has lived in Europe since her adolescence.

Beatriz Soto García was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1942. Since 1974 she has been in solo and group painting shows in her own country and abroad. In 1980 she began to make sculpture as well. In 1983 she devoted herself to carving marble. She takes part in group exhibitions, homages, salons and municipal competitions, both national and international. Materials such as clay, cement, plaster, resin, pumice stone, among others, are present in her works, though marble predominates in her sizeable output. She is considered a leading representative of Latin American art, and her works are an object study and analysis in the Faculty of Education and Language Studies, in Great Britain. Several of her works are in private collections in Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, the USA, and France.