(…) “On the one hand, León Ferrari and Víctor Grippo represent tradition in the vocation of innovation, and the pair Roberto Elía and Kirin raises that same tradition to a refinement and stylization that only apparently lies outside history. The proposed works have two common denominators which all four artists broadly explored over their careers. The first, relating to technique and medium, is inspired innovation in sculpture; the other, thematic (not just any theme, but one referring to the creation of the visual language), is writing. Thus are established various readings, constellations, traces of heritages and revisions. (…) Filiations, antagonisms, conscious or involuntary lessons, structurings, models and continuations of similar ideas.” (…) Daniel Gigena. Extract from the text Arte: continuidad del canon [Art: The Continuity of the Canon]; La Nación, December 2014.