Relieves Program Training Seminar in Posadas

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Thanks to the Relieves program, promoted jointly by the Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación (Argentina’s Cultural Ministry) and arteBA Fundación with support from the Secretaría de Cultura y Turismo de la Municipalidad de Posadas (Posadas Municipal Secretariat for Culture and Tourism), Vergel will hold a training workshop in Posadas for artists looking to work as art practice facilitators in hospital contexts, with hands on practice days at the Hospital Pediátrico Dr. F. Barreyro. During the seminar, each artist/facilitator will attend a hospital one afternoon a week to carry out activities with hospitalized children and their families. This initial experience will last for a total of ten weeks and it aims to be an incentive, encouraging artists to continue activities in hospitals in their own areas.
The training will be free of charge. The seminar will be limited to six participants, chosen through a pre-selection process.

Further information on the training and seminar requirements can be found HERE.

Deadline for the open call: June 26, 2017.
Start date for the seminar: second week of July.

An informative talk will be held in Posadas on June 22.

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We are a non-profit organization that aims to integrate visual art, health, and education. It is our organization’s belief that art holds the capacity to improve an individual’s physical, mental and emotional welfare. It also allows for children and teens to establish greater connections with their emotions, relief for coping with symptoms, improvement of cognitive skills, and it serves as a platform for furthering contact and communication with the environment.Our proposal is to contribute to the establishment of artistic practice as a complimentary tool for health care that can better the quality of life for patients who suffer from chronic illness. These patients are either not receiving effective treatments, or do not respond to them. We seek to establish a constructive dialogue between the artistic discipline and medical practice so that these two dimensions can be enriched through such an exchange.

We work helping hospitalized patients to generate relief and welfare through artistic practice. By implementing artistic programs, training activities and communication actions we aim to establish constructive dialogues among arts, health, and education.

We claim the importance of art as a complementary tool for health care, as part of a holistic and qualitative approach to patient care.

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