Established galleries chosen by an autonomous selection committee, in charge of evaluating postulants’ proposals.

Gallery Selection Committee:
Ana Castella (current head of development at the Museo Tamayo and organizer of Condo México 2018, Mexico City).
Eduardo Brandão (galerista de Vermelho, San Pablo).
Henrique Faria (gallery director, Henrique Faria New York / Buenos Aires).
Florencia Malbran (independent curator, Buenos Aires).
Julián Mizrahi (gallery director, Del Infinito, Buenos Aires).


This category groups together young galleries in booths of up to 40m2. Galleries that opened less than 5 years ago, representing young artists and participating in arteBA for the first time apply, as well as those that come from the Barrio Joven section.

The selection committee is the same as the Main Section.

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A specially highlighted section within galleries of the Main Section, showing one or several emblematic works by a single modern or contemporary artist. This format is a way for arteBA to offer public or private collections and institutions works that meet with their needs and interests. A consulting committee is in charge of the selection.

Cabinet Consulting Committee
Carla Acevedo-Yates (associate curator at Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum of Michigan).
Sharon Lerner (curator of contemporary art at the Museo de Arte de Lima-MALI).
Florencia Malbran (independent curator, Buenos Aires).

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One curator invites Latin American artists and the galleries that represent them to participate with solo shows.

José Luis Blondet  (curator of special Initiatives, LACMA, Los Angeles).

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arteBA relaunches the young section, with a new exhibition venue and conditions for participation. Utopia aims to create a platform of visibility and commercialization for Latin American Contemporary Art from young galleries and spaces. The participants were chosen by an independent curatorial team.

Curatorial team
Alejandra Aguado (curator, Buenos Aires).
Carlos Herrera (artist and independent project producer, Buenos Aires).

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With the objective of stimulating collaborations and crossings between Latin America and the rest of the world, arteBA launches Cardinal Site, a section that will spark dialogues between artists and/or galleries in different geographical areas to promote new relationships and exchanges. For arteBA 2019, the galleries and artists have been invited by different art ambassadors.

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The publications section of the fair includes guest editorial projects, a bookshop section specialized in contemporary art, and a collective space for independent publishing companies. Additionally, the Isla de Ediciones has its own auditorium with scheduled talks and book presentations.

This section is supported by Proa Foundation (Fundación Proa), in collaboration with Ternium and Federico Churba. Copies of publications from the Isla de Ediciones will be incorporated to Espigas Foundation’s archive for public use.

Selection and Coordination
Agustín Díez Fischer (Fundación Espigas / Centro de Estudios Espigas TAREA-IIPC – UNSAM).

Coordination of Independent Section
PULSO / Independent Publications Scene

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