Once again this year, José Luis Blondet, curator of special projects at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), will select the eight Latin American artists to participate in Solo Show Zurich. Each artist is represented by a gallery in the fair—some of them longstanding participants and others with us for the first time, as is the case with Casaquien from the Dominican Republic. The proposal this year does not revolve around a single theme or common thread; the selection, rather, formulates a subtle relationship between works on the basis of the singular nature of their research. This edition will include a great many women artists and focus on the traditions of native peoples. Artists featured include Joiri Minaya (New York, 1990), represented by Casaquien gallery; she grew up in the Dominican Republic and her work deals with issues of migration, the construction of identity, and gender roles. Mexico City-based Proyecto Paralelo will exhibit work by Lake Verea, an artistic duo formed by Francisca Rivero-Lake Cortina (Mexico City, 1973) and Carla Verea Hernández (Mexico City, 1978); Parque Galería, also in Mexico City, will show work by María Sosa (Morelia, 1985). Proyectos Ultravioleta from Guatemala will exhibit work by Naufus Ramirez Figueroa (Guatemala, 1978), and Isla Flotante, in Buenos Aires, work by Rosario Zorraquin (Buenos Aires, 1984). ABRA Caracas will show production by Sheroanawë Hakihiiwë (Sheroana, Amazonas, 1971), an artist that lives and works in the Amazon. Finally, Teresa Burga (1935, Iquitos), a conceptual artist crucial to the renewal of the Peruvian art scene in the sixties and seventies, will be featured by Lima-based 80M2 Livia Benavides gallery.