Art Basel Cities: Buenos Aires Talks Program

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Art Basel Cities: Buenos Aires, in collaboration with arteBA Fundación, presents a special talks program during arteBA 2019. 28th EDITION and the Semana del Arte in Buenos Aires. Organized in two contrasting formats, Parallel Rooms and Masterclasses, this program aims to facilitate exchanges between members of the local and international art communities, as well as the public. Between April 12th and 14th Buenos Aires will bring together 42 speakers from the cultural sphere who will address some of the most relevant topics of the international contemporary art agenda.

Image: Art Basel Cities Parallel Rooms in Buenos Aires, November 2017: Azu Nwagbogu and artist Guillermo Faivovich. Credit: Mani Gatto

Parallel Rooms at La Rural (Pista Central), and Masterclasses at Parque Semana del Arte, Plaza Intendente Francisco Seeber (Av. Sarmiento entre Av. Colombia y Av. Libertador)

The programming will include:

• Estrella de Diego, Spanish art historian, regarding gender in contemporary art.
• An international panel of entrepreneurs about the technological future of art.
• Santiago Villanueva and Milovan Farronato in relation to the curator as an activist.
• Isabel Lewis and Osías Yanov about the direction that performance art is taking.
• Florencia Battiti and Kit Hammonds on how to approach a site-specific commission.
• Benedicta Badía, Carlos Marsano, and Laurie Ziegler on how they as collectors foster productive relationships to their local scenes of Buenos Aires/Singapore, Lima, and Los Angeles, respectively.

The talks are open and free to the public.
You can find the complete programming here


10am to 6pm Parque Semana del Arte, Plaza Seeber
Masterclass: Crowdfounding. Individual coaching sessions with Nadine Lopez

In these by-appointment consultations, Art Basel Cities offers artists, curators, directors of art spaces, and other cultural producers the opportunity to discuss their projects and gain practical, tailored advice on funding during 30-minute sessions. Sessions will be conducted in English. Capacity is limited. To RSVP, email

Speaker: Nadine Lopez, Art Basel (Basel).

6:30pm Parque Semana del Arte, Plaza Seeber
Masterclass II: Discussing Gender in Contemporary Art.

Estrella de Diego is a professor of contemporary art who focuses on gender theory and postcolonial studies. Diana Wechsler is an Argentine art historian, researcher, and critic who has curated exhibitions around the globe. In this Masterclass, they examine the current international art landscape and discuss how conversations around gender have shaped artistic practices and our institutional and critical approaches to art.

This Masterclass is open to the public and will be conducted in Spanish.

Speakers: Estrella de Diego, Universidad Complutense (Madrid); Diana Wechsler, Universidad de Tres de Febrero (Buenos Aires).


2pm to 3pm Parque Semana del Arte, Plaza Seeber
Masterclass III: When Art Travels.

In an increasingly globalized art world, exhibitions, collections, artists, and curators migrate temporarily or permanently, putting the truism “art knows no borders” to the test. In this talk, gallerist Ana Castella and curator Florencia Malbrán discuss: How do different contexts affect the appreciation of the artworks? What gets lost in translation? And what new dimensions are discovered?

This session is free and open to the public, and will be held in Spanish.

Speakers: Ana Castella, Museo Tamayo, (Mexico City); Florencia Malbrán, New York University, (Buenos Aires).

3pm to 4pm Parque Semana del Arte, Plaza Seeber
Masterclass II: How to Use a Museum? Learning at Cultural Institutions.

Museums are regarded as spaces for training, research, and exploration, even learning, but not for education in the strict sense of the term. What is the role, then, of a museum’s public programs? In this discussion, two established curators, Lucrecia Palacios and Emiliano Valdés, will explore what models of education and learning are viable within a space that is not a school, per se, but an institution that can – and should – contribute to the cultural and civic formation of global citizens.
This session is free and open to the public, and will be held in Spanish.

Speakers: Emiliano Valdés, Museum of Modern Art (Medellín); Lucrecia Palacios, Museo de Arte Moderno (Buenos Aires).

4pm to 5pm Parque Semana del Arte, Plaza Seeber
Masterclass V: New Platforms for Art Criticism and Thinking. 

In an age where works of art are disseminated digitally and frictionlessly, which platforms are best suited to promote debate and foster critical reflections? While the traditional exhibition review is still in good health, a proliferation of new formats aims to connect with audiences in innovative ways. This conversation between art critics Vivian Gandelsman and Laura Isola will explore the strengths and weaknesses of newer and older platforms for art criticism and thinking.

This session is free and open to the public, and will be held in Spanish.

Speakers: Vivian Gandelsman, Artload (São Paulo); Laura Isola, Universidad Tres de Febrero/Universidad de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires).

5:30pm to 6:30pm Pista Central La Rural
Parallel Rooms 1: The Shape of Art to Come

In this session, speakers will discuss how the artworld responds to the cultural and social forces that are changing our understanding of art and the way we practice it. Conversations will revolve around the challenges of art institutions in a globalized art landscape, the commitment of artists and curators to new narratives and perspectives, and the strategies deployed by collectors who want to support and preserve works and unconventional interventions.

Topics: The Curator as Activist; Collecting in a Globalized World; An Introduction to the Joy of Performance; How Can Art Institutions Foster Experimentation?

Speakers: Milovan Farronato, Fiorucci Art Trust (London); Santiago Villanueva, Universidad Nacional de las Artes (Buenos Aires); Isabel Lewis, artist (Berlin); Osías Yanov, artist, (Buenos Aires) ; Stuart Fallon, Talbot Rice Gallery (Edinburgh); Raúl Flores, independent curator (Buenos Aires); Violeta Mansilla, UV  (Buenos Aires); Mercedes Vilardell, coleccionista (España); Aníbal Jozami, coleccionista (Argentina).

6.30pm to 19:30pm Pista Central La Rural
Parallel Rooms 2: Art in the Public Sphere

This session will focus on how artists, art professionals, and art institutions can engage in meaningful interactions with their audiences and expand their reach. Conversations will revolve around the mission of public programs in museums, the key role of curators and art critics, and the many ways in which collectors and patrons of the arts can foster communications between the art world and society at large.

Topics: How Does Art Voice Social and Political Issues?; How Can Contemporary Art Reach Larger Audiences?; First Things First: Making Exhibitions for a General Audience; An Exhibition by Any Other Name

Speakers: Carlos Herrera, Munar (Buenos Aires); Bernardo Mosqueira, Solar dos Abacaxis (Rio de Janeiro); Laurence Gateau, FRAC Pays de la Loire (Nantes); Pascal Neveux, Conseil National des Professions des Arts Visuels (Marseille); Gabriela Urtiaga, Chief Curator of Visual Arts of the CCK (Argentina); Max Andrews, Latitudes (Barcelona); Lara Marmor, independent curator (Buenos Aires); Sandino Scheidegger, curator (Paris/Zurich).

7:30pm to 8:30pm Pista Central La Rural
Parallel Rooms 3: In and Out of the Museum: Where to Find Art Today?

Art lovers are used to enjoying art in museums and galleries, but recently they have had increasing opportunities to experience art within new contexts: a private collection, a public exhibition encountered while walking down the street, even art that arises while perusing the internet or social media. This session will explore the new platforms and spaces the artworld has developed to reach contemporary audiences.

Topics: Curating in Context: How to Be Site-Specific; Beyond the Museum: New Institutional Frames for Art; Private Collections and the Local Art Scene: How to Develop a Productive Relationship; The Collector’s Public Task.

Speakers: Florencia Battiti, Parque de la Memoria (Buenos Aires); Kit Hammonds, Museo Jumex (Mexico City); Mariana Cánepa Luna, Latitudes (Barcelona); Solana Molina Viamonte, curator, (Buenos Aires); Benedicta M. Badía de Nordenstahl, collector (Singapore); Carlos Marsano, Artus (Lima); Laurie Ziegler, collector (Los Angeles); Axel Haubrok, Haubrok Foundation (Berlin); Mauro Herlitzka, Henrique Faria gallery (Buenos Aires); Herman Steyn, Scheryn Art Collection (Cape Town).


5pm Parque Semana del Arte, Plaza Seeber
Masterclass VI: What the Future Holds for Art and Technology. 

In this Masterclass, five experts on art and technology – all members of the Berlin Future Forum (BFF) – will map the current trends and transformations in the two fields that can help imagine their overlapping and collaborative future.

This Masterclass is open to the public and will be conducted in English and Spanish with simultaneous translation.

Speakers: Enrico Bauer, Berlin Future Forum (Zürich); Yasuhiko Genku Kimura, Berlin Future Forum (New York); Alec Oxenford, arteBA (Buenos Aires); Frederick Turner, University of Texas (Dallas).