The future is the starting point for 2017 Dixit and Open Forum proposals

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With the objective of continuing to explore the theme that has been handled in the first two issues of the recently released arteBA magazine, two sections of the fair will take “the future” as their working theme.

Agustín Pérez Rubio will coordinate the Open Forum’s Prime Time section, with three round table debates based on thought regarding different aspects of our present reality projected into the future, an immediate future, a continuous present. The approach taken in questioning this future will be by way of form and action, in terms of both theory and practice, in art and in other disciplines ranging from philosophy to epigenetics, from architecture and urbanism to biology, from politics to writing.

Agustín Pérez Rubio worked jointly with writer and curator Octavio Zaya, artist Julieta Aranda and architect Alejandro Zaera-Polo in organizing each of the panel discussions, developing specific aspects of their work in greater depth.

On the other hand, the curatorial team of Dixit, Sarah Demeuse and Javier Villa, taking the central theme of the arteBA magazine’s editorials, will work on “the future” from “…the intensified need to be in the present. Recent changes all over the world are activating a different political subject, one who is moved today by crude, proto-political feelings, registered in a literal way by the body. It is a very concrete state that at the same time resists being made concrete in precise, rational language; instead, it is loaded with the potential for real transformation, which demands the labor of the imagination. The feeling is that of an emergency brake applied to ideological and discursive constructions that have been dragging along, repeated over and over, so that a reaction can take place that comes from a different state, even when nothing has yet been digested or understood.”

The exhibition will include works by contemporary artists, both local and international, and will also include historic works in order to comprehend the present by way of these predecessors. This year, Dixit will extend beyond the Fair, with off site works in addition to others that will be on view prior to and following the fair dates.

Stay tuned for more updated information on each of these proposals, available here soon…!

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