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A curator invites galleries to present a specific project featuring up to three artists.


2017 Curator

Chris Sharp (writer and independent curator, Mexico City).

This year’s edition of U-Turn is composed of a selection of emerging and established galleries from Latin America, both coasts of the US, various points around Europe and Japan. The galleries have been selected and invited according to a variety of criteria, which include, most impor- tantly, the quality of their programs, geographical diversity, and age. Beyond the question of quality, the idea was to throw the net as far and as wide as possible, and in doing so, introduce a whole host of galleries and artists to the audience of Buenos Aires and vice versa. By the same token, many of these exhibitors are coming to Buenos Aires for the first time. There is no curatorial theme for the section, as such. If anything could be said to unite this selection of galleries, I suppose it would be me, as a curator. I have an ongoing relationship with virtually all of these galleries, having worked with them in various capacities or maintained a discussion with them over the course of the past few years, and in some cases even longer. What is interesting about this is of course not me as an individual, but the extent to which it speaks to the character of the curator, in general, as a provisional node at the center of a provisional constellation of galleries, artists, art works and ideas. For each curator is just that, a node that articulates his or herself through the networks they develop, the artists they exhibit, and the programs in which they artists exist. In an ideal world, this node shifts and moves, placing itself in contact with other nodes and constellations, and those constellations shift, expand and take on new dimensions.
So what does this constellation consist of? A selection of galleries from New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Vienna, Düsseldorf, Pristina, Mexico City, Tokyo and Buenos Aires. While artists range in age, professional trajectory and background quite a bit, media and art making techniques include painting, sculpture, photogra- phy, and performance. Despite the heterogeneity of media, one thing all of these artists have in common is commitment to their specific medium, as well as highly individual, idiosyncratic practices. What they do is singular, irreducible, and unlike anything else that can be seen around at the moment. Although a sense of sensuous and medi- um-specific immediacy is prioritized throughout, none of this work is by any means glib, superficial or easy. Each artist represents a universe of his or her own making, and as such, bears sustained consideration and deep reflection. The viewer (and reader) is hereby encouraged to do just that. The extent to which they do so will be the extent to which they shall be rewarded. Enjoy.
Chris Sharp