Utopia Bombay Sapphire, the new section of arteBA for emerging galleries, will be housed in
Pabellón Equinos, a space independent from the one that houses the Main Section. The fair’s
new layout furthers a conception that aims to foment a different dialogue, an other dialogue,
between participating galleries, one that does not rely on the Main Section. Rather than make use
of the classic gallery-booth structure, the galleries in this section will be outfitted with paneling
that opens up onto a central circular area, providing visual continuity between participating
spaces. This new layout accompanies a reinvigorated spirit. In the curatorial text for the section,
Carlos Herrera (artist and art administrator, Rosario) and Alejandra Aguado (curator, Buenos
Aires) envision a platform that rethinks the relationship between works and their possibility for
expression in relation to the space they occupy. Because of its novelty, Utopia enabled the
curators to bring a fresh vision to the distribution of the participating spaces, to imagine
dialogues between galleries, and even to enable galleries to reflect on their place in the fair.
Significantly, the selection process took into account the galleries as integral projects; emphasis
was placed on the spaces’ conceptual proposals, on bodies of work by a few artists in order to
individualize projects in process. A fruitful dialogue ensued between the curators, the galleries,
and their artists; the aim was to work on the basis of each space’s proposal, potential, and vision
as well as its needs in the framework of the fair and the greater local context. Another aim was to
encourage the exhibition of groups of work that would provide a wide overview of the artists’
creative proposals or delve into their interests and research. Seventeen galleries will participate
in Utopia: Espositivo (Madrid), Lateral (Tucumán), Moria Galería (Buenos Aires), Imagen
Galería (Mendoza), NN (La Plata), 55SP (São Paulo), Acéfala (Buenos Aires), Atocha (Buenos
Aires), Bonita Galería (Buenos Aires), Central Galería (São Paulo), Constitución (Buenos Aires),
Granada Gallery (Buenos Aires), Intemperie (Córdoba), Popa (Buenos Aires), Proyecto Nasal
(Lima-Guayaquil), Selvanegra (Buenos Aires), and The White Lodge (Córdoba). This new
section, like its previous incarnation, will award the Premio en Obra, an initiative of Joaquín
Rodríguez and Abel Guaglione that has provided crucial support to young artists for over a