The aim of the Zoom Quinquela Fondos section is to construct in the fair—and make felt throughout its premises—major work by prestigious artists. ArteBA 2018 was the first edition of the fair featuring this section. That time, curator Alejandra Aguado generated a dialogue between two artists—one modern and one contemporary: Gyula Kosice (Kosice, Slovakia, 1924–Buenos Aires, 2016) and Tomás Saraceno (San Miguel de Tucumán, 1973).

This year, viewers will enjoy a work and performance by Colombian artist María José Arjona (Bogotá, 1973), selected by curator Teresa Riccardi, director of the Museo Sívori in Buenos Aires. Línea de vida [Lifeline] is an installation of hundreds of glass bottle hovering 15cm from the floor. For the performance, the artist will lie down under the bottles and sound them by moving her body gently. The sounds produced by the action, which will last for a number of hours, resemble the rain, ocean waves, and river currents.

Arjona’s work has a perfomative quality insofar as it combines not only media, but also practices and temporalities, a quality that makes itself felt as duration and resistance.