Barrio Joven Chandon

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    On the occasion of the 20th edition of arteBA Fair, in 2011, arteBA Fundación has encouraged local and regional galleries and emerging spaces to present BARRIO JOVEN CHANDON with a maximum of five artists with works made over the last two years, for a selection with greater emphasis on the particularities of the artists proposed and a closer curatorial development, allowing the identities of the projects to be better differentiated.

    For years now, BARRIO JOVEN CHANDON has been fostering production by young artists, supporting enterprises that are new, different or alternative to the traditional frameworks for the exhibition and sale of contemporary art works. In this way, it encourages the growth and professionalization of spaces /galleries within the cultural milieu.

    Selection Committee:
    Ana Paula Cohen (independent curator, publisher and writer, Sao Paulo, Brazil); Leopoldo Estol (artist, Bs. As., Argentina) and Inés Katzenstein (director, Art Department, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Bs. As. Argentina).

    With its Barrio Joven Chandon, the brand, with each new edition of arteBA, hopes to startle, staging expressions of artistic innovation that redeem and legitimate new movements and trends in the art world.

    Chandon has a long history -–by now more than a quarter-century one–- of supporting art and culture in various forms: donating work to museums, supporting museums and galleries throughout Argentina, and promoting young artists through the Chandon Bienales and Chandon Culturales.

    “It is our desire that visitors to arteBA get to take new looks at art, the greatest quantity and the freshest and most current art possible,” said Fernando Gouiran, Communications Director for Möet Hennessy Argentina.

    “We want Barrio Joven Chandon to provoke something in people… a sensation, a suprise… a new experience that transforms the moment. This year, the visual force of Fruin’s work represents everything that we as a brand want to generate with each new edition of arteBA: unexpected sensations. We want everyone who visits Barrio Joven Chandon to have a new experience transforming his or her moment,” Gouiran concluded.